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Life Settlement

Unlock the market value of your life insurance policy.



Who We Are

Financial Life Settlements offers clients a private and professional approach to market and sell life insurance policies to the secondary market. We provide access to multiple funders and leverage technology to deliver our clients an organized and systematic approach to the life settlement market.

Our Philosophy

Agents, brokers, advisors, and life insurance companies will often tell you there are only two options - surrender your life insurance policy or continue to pay premiums until you die.

We want you to understand the market value for your life insurance policy beyond what is reflected in the Annual Policy Statement. This is called the "life settlement value." We help you unlock the life settlement sale value by analyzing your existing policy and determining your life expectancy.

About Us




Snapshot Analysis

Evaluate life insurance illustrations and projections based on different funding and life expectancy scenarios. This process develops a model and expectation for potential sale values.

Policy Projections

We work with you and the life insurance carrier to obtain a series of inforce life insurance illustrations based on various funding targets.

What We Offer

Life Expectancy

We gather all of your medical records digitally and then obtain life expectancy (LE) studies from a variety of third-party actuarial firms.

Market the Policy

Market your life insurance policy to potential institutional buyers and provide pricing support to generate formal offers. This includes an organized timeline to drive competitive offers to buy your policy.

Sell the Policy

Support and coordinate the execution of closing documents required to sell the life insurance policy. This includes coordination with the buyer, policy owner(s), insured(s) and beneficiaries.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Financial Life Settlements has sold over $150 million in life insurance policy death benefit. As a broker, we help you understand the risks and benefits of life settlements and help you maximize the potential sale value. Our process and approach generally results in a higher sale value for clients versus going direct to a single buyer.

Years of Experience

We have been in the life settlement space since the early 2000s. We have also been in the life insurance industry since the early 90s bringing over 25 years of life insurance experience to our clients. This experience helps considerably in maximizing value for clients.

In-house Analysis

We have the capabilities to assist you with a quick review of your life insurance policy to see if you are a candidate to potentially sell your life insurance policy to the secondary market. This includes analysis of the policy economics combined with our health history questionnaire.

Why Us
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Phone Number

(866) 953-5620

Our Address

1 Post, Suite 150

Irvine, CA 96218

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